As much as we hate to say goodbye, summer is on its way out of town here in Madison, Wisconsin, and even though the cold months are ahead, we still have plenty to look forward to. Fall weather brings pumpkin patches and autumn festivals, and the winter months bring family holidays and cozy gatherings. If you’re looking to make your Wisconsin home even more cozy this season, consider installing radiant floor heating for an extra luxurious home feature. Our team at Abner Boiler & Heating Company is experienced in working with this popular trend and will help you achieve this comfortable and clean living.

Keep Your House Cozy with Radiant Heating

What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is a way to warm your home using a water boiler. The boiler combusts either oil or gas to generate heat, which warms the water in its holding tank. After that, the hot water boiler pipes the water throughout your home and is released through radiators or panels in the walls and ceiling. If you choose to use floor heating, the heat actually rises through the floorboards. Regardless of where the heat is radiating from, it provides a luxurious and consistent warmth throughout the entire room.

The Pros

  • Energy Efficiency: Traditional radiators need to be heated to a very high temperature in order to heat up a room effectively. However, floor heating cuts that temperature almost in half, therefore consuming much less energy and keeps your energy bills much lower.
  • No “Cold Spots”: Another issue with traditional radiators is that they heat the air nearest them first, which can leave the middle of the room colder than the air next to the radiators. Radiant heat provides warmth from the floor up, eliminating “cold spots” and any stuffiness in the area being heated.
  • Air Quality: Unlike heating systems that use ductwork, radiant heat keeps the air fresh and oxygen-rich. High temperatures caused by radiators increases discomfort in the home and causes all the dust in your home to go in circles. This will not happen with floor heating.

The Cons

  • Installation Costs: Water-based systems are usually installed during the building phase of a home or incorporated into a renovation project. Usually, the cost is about two or three times that of installing an electric system. However, as mentioned before, the savings you’ll see on your energy bill will make your water-based system worth the money.
  • Floor Height Issues: Radiant heating systems do increase the height of the floor by about a 1/2 inch, depending on the system you choose. Also, you may choose to use insulation boards underneath the heating equipment which will increase the height a little further.

Is It Worth It?

Floor heating is an easy and energy efficient way to heat your home and keep your toes warm during those long winter months. Even though the set-up cost is more than a traditional heating system, the comfort it provides and energy it saves makes it more than worth it in the end. Also, there are many options available to suit your budget.

If you’re ready to find out more about radiant floor heating, contact our team at Abner Boiler & Heating Company at (608) 274-3077 today for a free quote. We offer premium heating and air conditioning services as well as boiler installation and humidifiers.