When the time comes to upgrade your home’s heating system, ask the experts at Abner Boiler & Heating Company about installing radiant floor heating. Radiant heating offers several advantages over traditional heating methods. Plus, installing radiant floor heating will save you a bundle on utility bills in the future. Continue reading to learn more about radiant floor heating.

Radiant Heating Offers Major Benefits to Homeowners

What Is Radiant Heat?

Traditional methods of home heating, including forced-air systems and radiators, circulate heated air into a room to warm the space; this process is known as convection. Radiant heating, on the other hand, warms the floors, walls, and/or ceiling of the home, which then radiate heat to warm the space. 

How Does Radiant Heat Work?

Radiant heating systems derive heat and energy from a water boiler. The boiler combusts either oil or gas (depending on the model) to heat water in its holding tank. Then, the boiler pumps water throughout the home and releases heat through radiators or panels located in the floors, walls, or ceiling. Regardless of where the heat radiates from, radiant heat provides a consistent warmth that permeates the entire room.

Advantages of Radiant Heat

Radiant heating offers a variety of benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Even Heating – Oil and gas boilers are constantly running, so the temperature doesn’t fluctuate in your home like it does with other heating systems.
  • Greater Efficiency – Radiant heating systems are nearly 30% more efficient than forced air systems. Because water is a better conductor than air, less energy is required to maintain a consistent temperature over time. Similarly, radiant heat warms solid objects (like wood, tile flooring, and wall paneling) that are better conductors than water or air. 
  • Fewer Allergens – Boilers eliminate allergens, dust, and dirt that are commonly associated with forced air systems.
  • No Ductwork, Registers, or Vents – Radiant heat is entirely contained within the walls, floors, and ceiling of the home. As such, homeowners don’t have to clean or maintain ductwork. Likewise, homeowners enjoy a cleaner look without visible components that take up wall or floor space.

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