Every summer, as the temperatures rise, so do our utility bills. Trying to beat the heat can be a frustrating and expensive battle. At Abner Boiler & Heating Company, our goal is to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. Check out these tips to keep your house cool without breaking the bank.

HVAC Service and Repair

Curtains and Shades

Nothing beats the feeling of the warm sun on your skin… unless you are inside. If the sun is shining directly through your windows, it is going to heat up your home. To help remedy this issue, we recommend using thermal blinds or shades to keep sunlight from coming in. Closing eastward facing blinds in the morning and westward facing blinds in the afternoon can make a tremendous difference.


Most people think insulation is only beneficial during the winter. But insulation is just as crucial in the summer! Warm air always flows to a cooler location. So, in the summer, insulation prevents warm air from entering into your cool home, and in the winter, it prevents warm air from escaping your home. Insulating your home is a worthwhile investment any time of the year.

Programmable Thermostat

To save electricity and give your air conditioner a rest, we recommend programming your thermostat to a warmer temperature during the day. The closer your home’s internal temperature is to the outside temperature, the less airflow there will be into the home. While your air conditioner will have to run harder to cool the house down in the evening, you will save yourself a day’s worth of electricity and put fewer miles on your air conditioner.

Call in the Experts

For professional heating and cooling services in Dane County, call Abner Boiler & Heating Company. Our technicians are experts at air conditioning repairs and installations. Or, if your unit needs a little TLC before the heat of summer sets in, we are happy to perform a routine service check. Contact one of our air conditioning experts at (608) 274-3077 for a free quote on all of your air conditioning needs.