Now that you no longer require the daily use of your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, you can finally turn your attention to getting your air conditioner ready to shine. Whether your utility bills were high last year or you want to upgrade your current model to a new one, Abner Boiler & Heating Company can install an energy-efficient air conditioning system in your home. We’ll go over how we can help you stay cool and comfortable this summer, as well as help save you a little money in the process.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

The Benefit of an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

It’s no surprise that air conditioners are one of the biggest consumers of energy of all the appliances in your home. According to, air conditioners use approximately 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States and cost residents over $11 billion dollars. You could actually decrease your energy use by as much as 20% to 50% if you install a high-efficiency air conditioner. If you don’t already have central air conditioning inside your home, Abner Boiler & Heating Company can either replace your older unit or install a brand-new unit with the necessary ductwork.

Other Air Conditioning Services That We Offer

Another important factor in keeping your air conditioning running efficiently is to maintain it properly. Routine tune-ups can prevent your air conditioner from losing the typical 5% of efficiency for each year that it isn’t serviced. This preventive maintenance can also find and fix potential problems before they lead to complete breakdowns, which always seem to happen at the worst possible time. If you do find yourself with an air conditioner that has decided to stop running, we specialize in fast air conditioning repairs and 24/7 emergency service.

Schedule Your AC Installation or Maintenance

At Abner Boiler & Heating Company, we specialize in making your home a refuge from the heat and humidity of summer. Our air conditioner installations, repairs, and preventive services will help your home to maintain your desired temperature in the warm months ahead. Contact us at (608) 274-3077 to schedule an appointment or to request a free estimate for any of our services. We serve residents in Dane County and the surrounding areas of Madison, Wisconsin, including Waunakee, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, and Stoughton.