Boiler Heating SystemDid you recently move into a Wisconsin home that has a boiler? Or maybe you’ve lived there for a while but have yet to figure out how that beast really works. Well, let our team at Abner Boiler & Heating Company share a few important facts about boilers.

1. Boilers use either oil or gas to generate heat.

The way a boiler heating system works is that it is fueled by either gas or oil that then generates heat and warms up the water in the boiler. From there, the boiler pushes that hot water through the pipes throughout your home.

2. A boiler heating system provides consistent heat.

One of the huge perks of a boiler is that its radiant heating provides consistent warmth throughout your home. A heat pump or furnace turns off and on to heat things up only when temperature drops below a certain point. A boiler, on the other hand, runs continuously without those fluctuations.

3. Boilers can be an effective way to heat a home.

While other HVAC systems use ductwork, a boiler system uses pipes. This piping is less likely than ductwork to let heat escape, and due to this increased efficiency, you have less heat lost (and hopefully lower utility bills to pay).

4. A boiler can help eliminate allergens.

Do you suffer from allergies? Well, a boiler system can help minimize allergens circulated throughout the home because it doesn’t blow air through ductwork (that often becomes dirty or dusty). Because heat is transferred through pipes, your home isn’t blowing around anything that might trigger your allergies.

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