The weather this time of year in Wisconsin can be a roller coaster at best. One day you’ll be flirting with spring-like temperatures, and the next day you’re back to winter coats. However, spring is almost here, and with it comes the promise of warmer temperatures and then those blessed summer months. Despite the ups and downs, you can still do a few things to lower your heating bills this spring. Consider these tips from our pro team here at Abner Boiler & Heating Company.

Heating Tips

1. Program your thermostat.

Throughout the day, your heating needs change. You may have periods when you aren’t at home or when you’re sleeping that you may not require higher thermostat settings. Your best bet is to use the program features on your thermostat to adjust automatically for these periods. You can set the temperature to decrease thus limiting the number of times your furnace or heat pump has to go to work.

2. Take advantage of warm days.

Is the sun out and the temperatures up? Open up your home’s curtains and blinds, and let those sun rays naturally heat your home. You may even want to open a window or two to let the warm, fresh air circulate through your home. Then, when the temperatures start to drop and the sun goes down, shut windows and blinds to trap that heat and take advantage of it through the evening hours.

3. Turn down the heat.

Experts indicate that lowering your thermostat just 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours can save you 10 percent each year on your utility bills. So throw on a sweatshirt during the evening, or program your thermostat to adjust while you’re at work. Either way, for every degree you can adjust your thermostat, you’ll save money.

And while you may not be thinking about air conditioning just yet, remember to schedule your spring AC tune-up. That way, when you need to flip the switch, you can know that your HVAC is going to run efficiently and effectively. To find out more about our heating and cooling services, contact Abner Boiler & Heating Company today at (608) 274-3077



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Photo credit: CORGI HomePlan via flickr license